Operation Culture

Operation Culture was formed by Javier and Daniel Rodriquez in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2019. The two were raised by their hard working immigrant family in the bible belt, but early on realized they did not resonate with the traditional ways of the south. Having roots from Peru & Venezuela, and grandparents from Spain, they never found themselves identifying with one specific culture. Javier and Daniel fell into different passions that helped them find and develop their own way of life and ideologies. Skateboarding, video games, and music from around the world created the influence that you hear in their sound today.

“Whether it was the Latino jams my mom was blasting, or the hip hop my homie from the skatepark showed me, I have always been fascinated by how different geographical areas can influence different sounds. Once I heard reggae music at the age of 11, I was hooked. I’m excited to see the growth of this music, and I’m very grateful for the OGs in Jamaica and Africa for sharing their culture and sounds with the world.”

Operation Culture’s first full length album, Real Thoughts Only, came out on 9/18. The band plans on touring the nation as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic allows. Until then, fans can expect them to share all forms of art, music, visuals, and more, for everyone to enjoy, and become part of the Operation Culture familia.

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